Northern High School Ski League Constitution


A.   This organization will be known as the Northern High School Ski League (herein referred to as the League).

ARTICLE II:  Purpose

A.     To organize, develop, direct and control a high school interscholastic ski program that will protect, conserve and promote the health and physical welfare of its participants.

B.     To emphasize interscholastic skiing as an integral part of the educational process and to cultivate high ideals of good citizenship and sportsmanship. 

ARTICLE Ill:  Membership

Sec. 1:  Membership in the League will include:

A. Ashwabay, Ashland, D.C. Everest (DCE), Ironwood, Lakeland, Rhinelander, Rice Lake, Wausau East, Wausau West

B. Other Schools may be admitted under Article Ill, Section 2.

Sec. 2:  Changes in League Membership

A.     Any standard three or four year high school may apply for membership at any regular League meeting. The proposed team must be recognized as an interscholastic sport by their school district and the school district must appoint a head coach.

B. A school shall be admitted to membership at any League meeting by a majority vote of all member schools.

C. Total League membership will be limited by Article Ill, Section 3.

Sec. 3: League Membership Limitations.

A. A Varsity team consists of a minimum of four and a maximum of six participants. In addition, each school is allowed up to one post runner. Co-ed teams will not be allowed. All team members must be enrolled in their respective school.

B. The total number of teams in the league will not exceed any combination of boys and girl teams which equals twenty (20).

C.   Cooperative teams between two member schools (NOTE: total enrollment between the co-op schools cannot exceed 1,000 students) may be allowed when one or both of the schools have an inadequate number of participants to field their own team. Re-application for the cooperative teams must be made at the fall League meeting each year and approved by a majority of all member schools.

D. Schools will retain membership as long as they are able to field a boys or a girls team. A single cooperative team will not fulfill this requirement. If the membership of  a school lapses for one year, it will be necessary for the school to re-apply for  membership under Article Ill,  Section 2.

E. Only member Schools will be allowed to compete in "VARSITY” League meets.

F.   Member schools are assigned bib numbers as follows:

  • Ashawabay           1-19 & 200-299
  • Rice Lake              600-649
  • WausauEast          50-99
  • Open                        650-699
  • Ashland                  300-349
  • Open                   700-749
  • D.C. Everest           400-499
  • Lakeland                 800-849
  • WausauWest        500-599
  • Rhinelander            900-999

ARTICLE IV:  League Officers

Sec. 1: The League officers will be President, Vice President, Secretary and Treasurer

Sec. 2:      The majority of the League members will appoint League officers annually at the beginning of the regular fall League meeting. Officers will be appointed without regard to a rotation of schools or succession of officers.

Sec. 3:     The president and vice president may hold that office for up to two years. The treasurer and secretary may hold that office for consecutive years.


ARTICLE V: League Meetings

Sec. 1:         There will be two League meetings each school year. The first meeting will be before November 1. The second meeting will be held within 30 days after the Wisconsin State Ski Meet.

Sec. 2:        The President may call additional meetings if the necessity arises.

Sec 3:         The presence of a simple majority of the member schools constitutes a quorum.

Sec. 4:         Roberts RuIes of Order will be followed at all League meetings

Sec. 5:        Each member school will be represented at each League meeting by the head coach or designated representative. The high schools A.D.’s are encouraged to attend.

Sec. 6:        The League President will set the agenda & date and preside at all League meetings.

Sec. 7:        Each member school will have one vote.

Sec. 8:        A majority of those present will be required to adopt a motion, with the exception of votes regarding admittance for membership, which requires a majority vote for all member schools in good standing. In the case of a tie vote, the motion fails.

ARTICLE VI:  Finances

Sec.  I: There are no annual dues for membership in the League. League expenses  are assessed from each member school as determined at the fall meeting. (Currently $150.00 per team)

Sec.   2: The cost of trophies will be borne equally by member schools.

Sec.  3: Additional assessments may be made at the spring meeting so that the    conference will not complete the year with a negative balance.

Sec.   4: The League Treasurer will be responsible for collecting the assessment from each school.

Sec.  5:There are no salaried positions in the League.

Sec.  6:Any cost associated with managing and conducting a League meet, other  than for awards, will be borne by the host school. NSL will pay up to $100 for broken equipment such as gates for each race if so billed.


Sec.1:All member schools will enforce the eligibility rules of their State athletic  associations (W.l.A.A. for Wisconsin, M.H.S.A.A. for Michigan schools).

Sec. 2:    Pre-meet Rules

     A.   All running orders and numbers must be received by the host school at least three (3) days prior to any meet. Any team not meeting this requirement will be placed at the end of the order. The running order of the team or the racers cannot be changed after the host school draws up the final starting order. Only in the event of illness or injury prior to the coaches meeting may a racer be substituted by another racer and the substitute racer must race in the same seed as the replaced racer. Substitutions among seeded racers in the same event are not allowed. Substitutions may be made no later than at the coaches meeting on the day of the meet... only exception is for an injury that occurs during the meet. IF A RACER MISSES THEIR START, THEN THEY ARE D.Q. FOR THAT EVENT. THE REFEREE MUST GRANT ANY PROVISIONAL START.

     B. The host school will have the primary responsibility to cancel/postpone a meet due to inclement weather or unsafe snow conditions.   If the temperature is –20 degrees at the start of the race, the race should be cancelled.  Participating schools should be informed of cancellation one day prior to the meet whenever possible.  The host school may delay the starting time and possibly cancel the super-G.

    C. The race committee will approve or disapprove of the course prior to the start of the event. The race will be delayed until changes are made and the race committee approves the course.

Sec. 3:    Meet Rules

   A. Only eligible students from League member schools will be allowed to compete in League meets.

     B.  Helmets shall be required for all events: Super-Giant Slalom (Super-G) Giant Slalom, and Slalom. (Note: All helmets must meet FIS or D.O.T. standards). All racers must be properly attired (ie. wearing proper bib and helmet) as defined by the race committee and the referee.

     C. There will be no more than two forerunners unless the referee determines otherwise.

D.  One post-runner shall be allowed in each event at N.S.L. varsity meets and shall run seventh seed after all seeded competitors. At Invites, the # of post runners is up to the host school.

E.     Race officials will be appointed by the head coach of the host school and communicated in writing to all coaches at the coaches meeting prior to the race. All officials will be knowledgeable with the rules and possess sufficient experience to properly conduct the race. The responsibilities will be defined in the FIS rules (International Federation of Skiing).  The League owns 4 radios that the officials are to use during the ski meet. 

  • Race Committee (Jury):          (Consisting of three head coaches:)
    (The T.D., Chief of Race & Finish Referee)
  • Technical Delagate (T.D.)
  • Chief of Race
  • Finish Line Referee
  • Starter (in charge of lining up the seeded order)
  • Head Gatekeeper and other gatekeepers * * see note below
  •  Course Setter
  •  Head Timer

**  Host school must provide at least 10 gatekeepers and each participating school needs to provide at least 1.

If more than one course is being run concurrently, a Starter and Finish Referee must be appointed for each course. Once the race officials are announced at the coaches meeting, any substitutions must first be approved by the race committee and then communicated to all coaches in writing and in an expeditious manner.

F.     Unsportsman like conduct on the part of any Coach, team staff, and all skiers on the team, whether competing or not may be reported to the referee by any coach of a  participating team. The referee will investigate the complaint and award a penalty when necessary. The decision of the referee may be appealed to the race committee by the competitor's head coach.

G.   Penalties for unsportsman like conduct will include:

  1. Add five (5) points to the team total for that event. This penalty may be assessed more than once.
  2. Disqualify the racer from one or more events.
  3. Disqualify the racer from the meet.
  4. Declare the racer ineligible for the next League meet.
  5. When a racer is disqualified, all eligibility for the individual awards that the racer earned will be forfeited. Team points earned by the racer up to the point of infraction will not be affected.
  6. As a guideline, a single expression of profanity while in the course and not directed at any one person, such as self-frustration for slipping out of a turn, would constitute a point penalty.  An expression or continued expressions of profanity and/or throwing or otherwise abusing equipment would result in disqualification from the race. Continued tantrum-like behavior or profanity directed at any person would be grounds for meet disqualification and ineligibility for the next meet.

H.      Each "VARSITY" League meet will consist of three events which will be the Slalom, Giant Slalom and Super-G. There will be one run of each event.

I. Each of the events will be conducted separately for both male and female racers. Male and female racers will not be allowed to compete in events against  members of the opposite sex.

J.    A skier may be considered for a re-run in any event when the skier leaves the course at the point where the problem occurred. Report immediately to the Finish Referee and request a re-run. If a re-run is awarded the skier will be able to re-run as soon as they can get themselves back to the start The race will not be delayed unless the problem occurred as a result of a race officials action.

K.   If a skier loses a ski anywhere except the last two gates, he/she is disqualified. The skier may finish with one ski within the last two gates. The finish line is the last gate.

L.    If a skier wishes to place a protest, it must be placed through the head coach, within 15 minutes of the final DQ postings. The coach will appeal to the referee who in turn sees the gatekeeper. The referee, upon written request from the coach, may decide to convene the race committee for a decision. The skier and/or coach may not talk to the gatekeeper in question,

M. Injury Substitution: If a skier is unable to ski due to injury, an alternate or the post runner may be used in their place for the next event. The injured skier may not re-enter. See Article VII, Section 2, A.

N. A seventh seed skier may be moved in and out of any placed seed.

O. Except as provided in this Article VII, The most current set of FIS rules will apply.

P.        FIS rules are available (for $10) through:
             P.O. Box 100
 Park City, Utah 84060

Sec. 4:      Point System

      A.    Six skiers may be entered in each of the three events; Slalom, Giant Slalom and Super G.

      B.    The best four finishers for each team in each event will be counted. The places (order of finish) = points earned.

For example: In boys slalom, school "A" earns fourth, sixth, fourteenth and twentieth places, thus the total score for school "A' equals forty-four. Any penalty points will be added to this total. The point totals for Giant Slalom and Super-G are computed in the same manner and added to the Slalom score for a total for the meet.  The team with the low total score will be the winner of the meet.

     C.   In the event a school does not have four finishers, the team receives one more point than the total number of competitors entered at the start of the event from all of the teams.

For example: School "A" enters six skiers in the Giant Slalom and earns first, ninth and eleventh places; and three skiers disqualify. If there are thirty entries in the event from all of the teams, the total points for school “A” will be computed as 1 + 9 + 1 1 + 3 1 = 52: points for the Giant Slalom. Any penalty points will be added to this total.

      D.  The number of teams in the League will determine the number of points each team may earn in each League meet. Therefore the first place team in a meet is awarded points equal to the number of teams in the League competing in that meet.  Each succeeding place is awarded one less point than the team placing before them, with the last place team earning one point.  All League teams will have a rank at the end of each League meet. These points will be totaled for the three League meets and the team compiling the most points will win the League championship.

       E. There will be 5 League races per season.  The best 3 out of 5 races will be used for final scoring of the League championship.

      F. In the event of a tie, the best 4 out of 5 races will be used.


Sec. 1:        Individual awards are presented to the top ten boys and top ten girls who accumulate the least number of points in their best three of the five League meets. The individual awards will consist of an engraved medal or ribbon. In the case of a tie, the placing of the individuals involved in the other League meets will determine final League standings.

Sec. 2:         Trophies will be presented to the member schools that win the League Boys Championship and the League Girls Championship. In the case of a tie, the placing in the 4th meet and possibly the 5th meet will determine the final position.

Sec. 3:       Wisconsin State Meet Qualifications: The final NSL conference results will  be used. NOTE: the NSL can be represented by the total # of Wisconsin team’s allowed as determined by the State Meet Committee. (In the past it  has been the top 6 boys teams and top 5 girls teams).

 Medallist Qualification: Must finish in the top 3 overall (minimum 3 events) at any NSL or Invite meet or finish in the top 10 final NSL standings. This is based on Wisconsin skiers only.

ARTICLE IX:  Amendments

Sec. 1:         Amendments to this constitution may be introduced at any League meeting. If the amendment is passed it will be incorporated for the upcoming season.

Updated: March, 1997 (Dave Coenen, Wausau East H.S.)

Updated:  February, 2003 (Patty Zemke, Wausau West H.S.)